How to Take the Best Selfie With 5 Influencer Tips

There are selfies and then there are social media profile worthy selfies. So which one do you really want to take? You might have the best phone with the highest resolution front-facing cameras. But that doesn’t guarantee the best selfie. Your eye for capturing the best side of yourself, in the best ambiance and best lighting all put together make a good selfie. If you are looking for tips to take the best selfies hear it from the popular social media influencers. Influencers are those who manage to win the trust of the followers and earn more following mainly because of the high quality of the content they share on social media. So here are a few tips from the influencers to take selfies that stand out.

The way you dress up-

Focus on your dress. Depending on the type of selfie you plan to take and the size you would have to choose a dress that grabs attention. Find something that is not too shimmery leading to reflection blurring out your selfies. If you are looking for accessories or even the fashion essentials that can make you look more beautiful in your selfies visit Mau-fashion.com site for trustworthy reviews.

The background

Pick a spot that has a beautiful ambiance. There are plenty of phones that come with cameras allowing you to tune the depth of the selfies. These can allow you to blur the background. But a messy background would dampen the looks of the photo even if it is blurred.


Natural lighting works wonders for selfies. But too much light can lead to noise and so can too little light. Make sure that you use a filtered out light source like a window that can beautifully light up the selfie. For the night time selfies avoid screen flash and pick a soft light for focus.