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How Ad Tech is Killing Online Experience

You must have, in the course of your navigation through the internet, been encountered by some annoying Ads that pop up at different intervals. Most of the time, these ads are usually targeted at specific (internet) users – they are not always a random event. As you might have already known, AdTech uses a tracking technology that eventually helps to build Analytics used for the programmatic advertisement. And that to some, is not good for one’s privacy – as they see it as an incursion into their personal life. This may be one of the few ways AdTech seems to be killing online experience. Imagine what it’s like having to open yourself to an influx of ‘unwanted’ ads simply because you showed interest in a particular thing at some point in time. This even has a far reaching effect on the result obtained by those who have their businesses online.

Additionally, it is really frustrating for one to have to click [in order to close] an ad time and again amidst trying to gain valuable information on a particular page or platform. These ads tend to divert one’s attention on some occasions. Shall we then say that technology has brought us something to love and something to hate on the same spot – the internet?

But viewing it from another angle; AdTech may not be all that bad though. If Adwords had given your YouTube video mehr views at one time or the other, you need not give AdTech a bad review on the whole. Having said this; it is yet fitting for Digital Advertising managers to find a way of making this trend less frustrating for internet users.

Putting AdTech in check

The most assured way of controlling ads at the moment is by using ad-blockers. Although these have been really effective but since it is not everyone that would like missing out on adverts, it is expedient that some other measures be taken or fashioned out. For instance, better moderation of the ads would ensure that they do not become an eyesore to internet users. This, in effect, will make one’s online experience enjoyable.…

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