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The Best Tips To Double Your Website Traffic And Rank Higher On Google

The Search engine optimisation Glasgow doubled their website traffic and got a higher rank onGoogle. This is how they achieved it.

Make the foundation strong

The best of the best SEO campaigns doom when the website structure is poor. The ranking will suffer if the users find it difficult to navigate through your website. The website should be usable on mobile platforms as well.

An SEO audit

Do an SEO audit which will give you an edge over your competitors. Fix the content that is duplicate. This causes technical issues and the most common of these is when you have many versions of the same page.

Optimize the content for mobile

Your website should pass the mobile test. The mobile version of the page is being used to index and rank. It is important to concentrate on mobile performance and tasks.  Concentrate on things that you think the users may want to do on your website. These should be smooth to perform without any difficulty. The products and the services should be easy to find on your website.

Loading time

Loading time is a factor that has to be considered. This is especially the time that is taken for the site to open on the mobile. The loading speed on the mobile tends to be slower and thus fix it for a higher rank. You need to monitor the speed both on desktop and mobile and keep improving on it.

The links

The internal, as well as the external links, influence the website ranking. Sofix all the broken links because it hampers the user experience. Match the anchor text exactly.


The title should be descriptive and natural and every page should have a title that is unique. The meta descriptions also play a significant role in your website ranking. The trick to increase the rank on Google is not new but takes care to work on it and invest in the resources continuously.

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