The Best Games to Teach Kids Typing the Fun Way

The present tech advancing pace of the world urges everyone including the kids to seek the basics of typing even though it does not demand a true chore for learning. However, there exist several typing games that help to keep those little fingers keying.

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  • Dancing Mat Keyboarding. This keyboard is customized for kids’ education purpose. There are three levels in the game.
  1. The primary step combines the home alphabets learning. While entering each letter you get a chance to know how really the A, S, D’s sound or how is it pronounced.
  2. The second stage is all guided by cutie cartoons animals where they learn the rest of the keys.
  3. The last level makes them type a capital letter by pressing on the letter with the Shift button. Further, this point assists in accessing the symbols like the apostrophe, forward and backward slash along with other strings.

This game is very useful in gaining the entering speed and also, aids in the appropriate finger coordination.

  • The Monkey Climber game. This seems to be a very interesting game for the children. All they have to do is to help the monkey stuck at the bottom of a cave get back to his home at the top left position. Kids have to recognize the letter popping up for each monkey jump. If they type the character exactly, then the monkey gets their food and energy. Or else, the monkey needs to restart from the previous step. Thus, the right identification of the alphabet is the prime motive behind this game.
  • The Ghost Hunting game. This makes the kids really fast at typing the keys so that the ghost never eat you up and announce you as the winner of the play. Make sure you save your lives in the game to be successful.


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