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Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Synapse Dress

Most women love fashion. There are different reasons why different women love to follow fashion. One common reason is that fashion is a way in which women can express themselves and their style. It is surprising how the same dress can be styled in so many different ways depending on the wearer’s fashion choices. This applies even to the accessories and not just clothes. When you find a birkin bag cheap you might definitely want to buy it and so would other women. But you might like to wear the bag with formal outfits while other women might like to do them for a casual occasion. There are no rules in fashion. Critics always have their opinions. What is considered trendy today might get out of fashion tomorrow. So it is all about personal choices. So allow your creativity to design your looks and you are sure to make a statement. You also need the right level of attitude to make your outfit shine.

Synapse dress

This is one of the recent results of blending tech and fashion. This is a dress designed by Anouk Wipprecht. The dress relies on wearable technology. It is one of the most popular among the recent line up of interactive fashion. There is a lot of techs that goes into the making of this dress. 3D printing for starters is used in creating major components of the dress. This is used mainly to achieve full level of customization the 150 different elements of the dress.

The interactions here are powered by the natural electric current present in the human body. The bio-signals act as stimuli each yielding beautiful responses. There are cameras, proximity sensors, lights, and even an EKG module on the dress. Voice activation and other such features allow you to explore all that the dress can do.

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