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How Smart Technology Is Making Us More Efficient at Growing Food

Technology has made into our all aspects of life.  Technology is all about being faster and better and also about being sustainable. It has a great impact on the field of agriculture and has been quite helpful in making the farming sector more efficient in its workings.  Better fertilizers, smart irrigation, terrain contour mapping are few of the advances in technology that has helped agriculture. You can check out pest control glasgow to know about the advances made in this field.

Ways technology is helping the farming sector

Self- driving tractors- With GPS enabled tractors and self-driving tractors, farmers could program the routes so it could navigate on its own across the field. The hands-free farmers can devote their time to manage other priorities.

GPS technology- The GPS technology on farming equipment and tractors has helped farmers with soil sampling, crop scouting, and field mapping. Also, it helps them to work in conditions where there is low visibility like dust, fog, rain, etc and maximizes efficiency.

GM crops- Drought resistant crops are the latest introduction to the farming field. Thanks to technology, some of the genetically engineered crops can be grown without the requirement of any pesticides. The crops which are genetically engineered are helping to even fight diseases.

Water management- There are sensors that have been developed which can detect the moisture content in the soil which will help the farmers to create the irrigation system for the crops on the basis of temperature and soil moisture. This technology helps the farmers by customizing the water application to soil.  The technology like the drip tape irrigation will help the fruit and vegetable farmers by providing irrigation pipes that has holes in it which are laid on the ground. It helps in lowering the evaporation and uses less water when compared to sprinkler irrigation or traditional flood.…

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