Ein paar Fakten über Instagram

Das ist die Ära der digitalen Medien und viele Social-Media-Plattformen sind in den letzten Jahren entstanden. Die Social-Media-Plattformen haben das Leben vieler beeinflusst und man kann sich nicht einmal ein Leben ohne diese Plattformen vorstellen. Mit Millionen von aktiven Nutzern auf der ganzen Welt ist Instagram mittlerweile eine der beliebtesten sozialen Netzwerken. Dieses soziale Medium ermöglicht es den Menschen, ihre besten Momente an einem Tag mit ihren Freunden und ihrer Familie zu teilen und kann auch die neuesten Trends in jedem Bereich verfolgen, das man sich wünscht.  Dieses kreative Medium wird auch als Marketingmedium genutzt, in dem man Millionen von Menschen erreichen und für ihr Produkt oder ihre Dienstleistung werben kann. Sie können sich den Adfluencer ansehen, um mehr über die Marktkampagne zu erfahren.

Im Folgenden finden Sie einige Fakten, die man über Instagram wissen sollte.

Fakten über Instagram

  • Es gibt mehr als 1 Million Werbetreibende, die auf der Instagram-Plattform aktiv sind
  • Die beliebtesten hashtags zum Zwecke des Marketings sind: #social # sales # sales # travel # giveaway # brand # marketing # smallbiz # socialmedia
  • Das beliebteste Foto auf Instagram hat 6 Millionen Likes
  • Instagram hat im vergangenen Jahr 1,3 Milliarden Dollar globale Werbeeinnahmen
  • Die Hälfte der Instagram-Nutzer verdienen 50.000 Dollar pro Jahr
  • Die Hälfte der jungen Erwachsenen aus der Altersgruppe 18 bis 30 Jahre nutzen Instagram und darunter 30% der User sind weiblich
  • Rund 48% der Marken nutzen Instagram, um ihre Produkte oder Dienstleistungen zu bewerben
  • Top-Marken posten mindestens 5 Mal pro Woche auf Instagram • 5% der Instagram-Nutzer greifen ab, nachdem sie sich von einem Beitrag inspirieren lassen. Zum Beispiel fühlen sich viele Menschen durch Beiträge auf Instagram motiviert, um mit dem Training zu beginnen oder zu trainieren oder einen gesunden Lebensstil zu führen
  • Instagram wurde 2010 erstellt
  • Es wurde im Jahr 2011 für 1 Milliarde Dollar verkauft
  • 6 von 10 Erwachsenen haben Konten auf Instagram
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Food Technology: The Future of the Food Industry

The worldwide nourishment industry is on the limit of a noteworthy change. Food advancements like bio-development, mechanical technology, AI and gene altering have updated the manner by which we create nourishment and oversee requests. As the populace has expanded at a quick pace, the amount of rural produce has picked up a ton of consideration.

In this way, industry specialists are advancing food innovation as the friend in need of the nourishment business’ future.

The reason for food technology. Are we in short of food?

As outlandish as it seems, similar to horticultural soil and water, we may come up short on sustenance too.

The best way to confront the imminent danger of sustenance deficiency is by sending maintainable methods of nourishment generation. Food innovation can assist all the significant partners in the business to take care of the developing demand for nourishment. Accordingly, it is managed a considerable amount of subsidizing and R&D.

3Dprinted food – An innovative technology with the tremendous capacity

By incorporating innovation and computerized gastronomy procedures, 3D nourishment printers fabricate altered sustenance items.

3D-printed sustenance enables to spare time and exertion and is the way to manageable nourishment creation. Dissimilar to conventional sustenance production frameworks, nourishment printers limit squander with the utilization of hydrocolloid cartridges that shape gels when joined with water.

Lately, eateries are improving their cooking with the assistance of 3D nourishment printers. Hospitals also have swung to 3Dprinted nourishment to provide for the unique requirements of the patients.

Food tech is the future

Sustenance innovation has without a doubt altered the manner by which nourishment is delivered and expanded. Although the future does not thoroughly have a place with innovation-driven sustenance creation, these methods do have a basic task to carry out. Subsequently, I got a great deal here in the long haul, as it will be a blend of government approaches and business morals which will affect the sustenance business.

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The Best Games to Teach Kids Typing the Fun Way

The present tech advancing pace of the world urges everyone including the kids to seek the basics of typing even though it does not demand a true chore for learning. However, there exist several typing games that help to keep those little fingers keying.

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  • Dancing Mat Keyboarding. This keyboard is customized for kids’ education purpose. There are three levels in the game.
  1. The primary step combines the home alphabets learning. While entering each letter you get a chance to know how really the A, S, D’s sound or how is it pronounced.
  2. The second stage is all guided by cutie cartoons animals where they learn the rest of the keys.
  3. The last level makes them type a capital letter by pressing on the letter with the Shift button. Further, this point assists in accessing the symbols like the apostrophe, forward and backward slash along with other strings.

This game is very useful in gaining the entering speed and also, aids in the appropriate finger coordination.

  • The Monkey Climber game. This seems to be a very interesting game for the children. All they have to do is to help the monkey stuck at the bottom of a cave get back to his home at the top left position. Kids have to recognize the letter popping up for each monkey jump. If they type the character exactly, then the monkey gets their food and energy. Or else, the monkey needs to restart from the previous step. Thus, the right identification of the alphabet is the prime motive behind this game.
  • The Ghost Hunting game. This makes the kids really fast at typing the keys so that the ghost never eat you up and announce you as the winner of the play. Make sure you save your lives in the game to be successful.


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How Smart Technology Is Making Us More Efficient at Growing Food

Technology has made into our all aspects of life.  Technology is all about being faster and better and also about being sustainable. It has a great impact on the field of agriculture and has been quite helpful in making the farming sector more efficient in its workings.  Better fertilizers, smart irrigation, terrain contour mapping are few of the advances in technology that has helped agriculture. You can check out pest control glasgow to know about the advances made in this field.

Ways technology is helping the farming sector

Self- driving tractors- With GPS enabled tractors and self-driving tractors, farmers could program the routes so it could navigate on its own across the field. The hands-free farmers can devote their time to manage other priorities.

GPS technology- The GPS technology on farming equipment and tractors has helped farmers with soil sampling, crop scouting, and field mapping. Also, it helps them to work in conditions where there is low visibility like dust, fog, rain, etc and maximizes efficiency.

GM crops- Drought resistant crops are the latest introduction to the farming field. Thanks to technology, some of the genetically engineered crops can be grown without the requirement of any pesticides. The crops which are genetically engineered are helping to even fight diseases.

Water management- There are sensors that have been developed which can detect the moisture content in the soil which will help the farmers to create the irrigation system for the crops on the basis of temperature and soil moisture. This technology helps the farmers by customizing the water application to soil.  The technology like the drip tape irrigation will help the fruit and vegetable farmers by providing irrigation pipes that has holes in it which are laid on the ground. It helps in lowering the evaporation and uses less water when compared to sprinkler irrigation or traditional flood.…

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Is Technology Making Our Lives Easier or More Complicated in 2018?

Innovation is so common in individuals’ regular daily existences and inside organizations these days that a large number of us can’t envision an existence without such technological advances. AI and different types of cutting-edge innovation have reliably powered the fervor and anxiety among associations, organizations and the world everywhere.

Innovation is Improving the Standard of Living

AI from various perspectives enables our day by day lives simpler. Amazon’s Alexa, Cortana or Siri empower every one of us to have advanced aides in case we need them, whereas Google Maps are involved with navigational assistance. AI is generally utilized by money related and saving money foundations to compose, oversee and even foresee information, while identification of extortion utilizes 3d visualization and AI in a shrewd card based framework.

Innovation has lessened people requirements to attempt commonplace or difficult assignments. There is little space for human blunder where innovation is of concern, as we normally commit errors. In the field of medicine, AI and other trend-setting innovation, for example, radio-medical procedure and bioprinting are progressing.

Correspondence is much simpler and quick these days. We can interface with family, companions, family, and organizations over web-based life. Similarly, we can elevate our venture on the net to lots of individuals worldwide or look for items and administrations at the snap of a button or by swiping.

The Risks Associated Technological Advancements

The fundamental hindrances of AI are the expense brought about in the repair and maintenance of innovation. Projects should be consistently refreshed to cater to evolving prerequisites.

Machines lack any feelings or good qualities. They do what they are programmed to and can’t judge the right decisions. In addition, even though machines can hoard a lot of information and do tedious assignments after some time, they don’t show signs of improvement with exposure like humans. There is a genuine threat of AI expanding joblessness in case machines can carry out work all the more effectively and at lower expense.


We are acclimated with innovation growing rapidly, yet that speed is expanding and AI is handling quite a bit of that increasing speed. We ought to utilize our personal decisions to implement innovation beneficially and guarantee we don’t backfire on ourselves.…

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