Can Better Online Visibility Disrupt Offline Retail In 2018?

Even if you love shopping online and enjoy the comfort that offers, we still sometimes walk down to our local stores to make purchases or to check the flyer printing Glasgow advertisements. In reality, both online, as well as offline shopping, comes with its own pros and cons.

One would say why to pay someone and then wait for days for the item to get delivered. On the other hand, the others would like the comfort of shopping for the best brands from home. Also, the frustration when you go to your local store just to get the answer that they do not have the item with them can be frustrating.

Can the offline shops, however, compete with the variety and the price that is offered by the online stores? In most cases, the answer is a no.

The offline retail stores still have to pay the rent for the store that they lease, pay the orders and salespeople and they have many such fixed expenses that they need to bear month on month. This means a part of the profits that they make goes towards these payments. The remaining half goes into their pocket. The fixed expenses are not any cheap and this means that the offline stores may never be able to provide you with discounts like the online stores do.

Online stores on the other hand just need to maintain a warehouse. This is cheap to maintain as compared to running a proper store say in small. The savings that the online stores make can easily be passed down to the customers in the form of discounts.

It is true today that the local stores are actually struggling to keep up with the competition of the online stores. Fewer choices and higher prices are the major reasons why they are not the preferred choice for customers anymore. Add to this is the change in the behavior of the customers. Customers want comfort and the liberty to make a purchase from home, any time of the day and from anywhere on the globe is something that they are getting hooked to and would not want to barter for a touch and feel and purchase experience anymore.

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Top Tips on How to Use a Drone for Aerial Filming at Sea From a Moving Boat

Capturing your best pictures from your favorite holiday tour is a challenging task especially if you want to fly a drone from your boat to do so. These following top tips on how to use a drone for aerial filming at sea from a moving boat helps you out.

  1. Fly it on Suitable Climate

UAVs or drones also have specifications on what climate is favorable for flying the drones. This rule gets more important especially when filming by a drone on a moving boat.

  1. For the Launch

Before anything search for a good stable and flat platform on your boat to launch the drone or UAV. It is possible to drift or side – slip but gets steady once the GPS location is locked.

  1. Elevate to safety

Before all other rules remember to elevate the drone enough so that it does not get into ship railings, sails, guy wires or worst – hits somebody’s head or eye. Make sure your boat does not move and hit the drone that is locked GPS home position.

  1. Waves & Swells

When the boat moves along the tides it lifts and lowers and you cannot even see it. This looks as if the drone is lifting up / down in altitude though it is stable so be aware of such waves and swells.

  1. Keep Distance

Other ferries or boats may not like the drone hovering over their boats. Hence, it is decent and respectful and shows drone manners to keep the UAV at an acceptable distance from other ships/ yachts boats, etc.

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