Top 5 Predictions About Tech in 2018

The world of technology has been expanding very fast. Now that technology is penetrating every field it is important to stay up to date with the latest technology news. is one website which can help you in this aspect. The year 2018 has been bringing a lot of new trends in technology and here are a few predictions for 2018-

Blockchain would be accepted across various domains

Blockchain has been the backbone of cryptocurrencies. This technology has now been incorporated in nearly every domain. The concept of decentralized ledger systems to improve the transparency and increase the security is being appreciated by several businesses.

Automation everywhere

AI or artificial intelligence and automation are not being viewed as threats anymore. These are technologies that reduce the human efforts. So 2018 would see more of automation in areas unprecedented.

Fintech would make management of personal finance simpler

The use of technology for management of personal finances is something that is revolutionizing the finance sector. Right from the transfer of funds to the management of investment portfolios, everything can now happen on the go.

A more practical approach to adopt AR and VR

Smartphone manufacturers have actively started incorporating AR and VR compatible hardware. This trend would heat up in the coming years. So there would be a more immersive AR experience delivered to the customers.

Smart home gadgets

Smart home gadgets are gaining more popularity in the recent years than ever before. The year 2018 would be a good one for the expansion of the smart home systems. So users would be able to control and monitor their appliances and personal gadgets from their smartphones or a central control device. IoT or internet of things is the technology that is making this possible. The strengthening of the security protocols is one main reason for the wide-scale adoption of this technology.…

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